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Services: Tape Supply

Tape Media Supply

Start your tape journey with Insurgo Media, making tape supply secure yet simple, as well as budget busting and as environmentally friendly as possible. With over 200 backup and archive tape formats in stock and a robust resourcing network, we can source, supply and deliver everything from open reel tape to current enterprise formats.


We provide some of the world’s largest business sectors with tapes from manufacturers including; Tandberg, Oracle, Maxell, Sony, TDK, Dell, Quantum, Fujifilm, IBM and HP

Tape Condition

As well as an extensive stock of tape formats we also have tapes of varying conditions, to suit your budget and environmental status. Insurgo’s new tape supply is guaranteed to be completely brand new, unused, sealed tapes. Of course, buying new will be the most expensive option when it comes to tape supply, but here at Insurgo we pride ourselves on remaining as competitive as possible. Buying new tape media seems pretty self-explanatory, however, visit our article, Spotting a Fake Tape, to make sure what you may buy elsewhere is actually what it claims to be.

Pre-labelled Tape

Insurgo’s pre-labelled tape supply refers to those leftover tapes, that didn’t quite make it off the bench. Despite being previously purchased as new tape and labelled ready for use, these tapes were never called up for duty, which can often happen due to a company changing or updating their technologies. With any pre-labelled yet new tape we encounter, our in-house team will test and verify it's ‘new' and unused status before removing any identifying or branded labelling, so the tape will appear to be completely brand new, having no trace to its previous owners.

Our pre-labelled tape option allows us to offer our customers low prices as well reducing the tapes environmental impact, all whilst allowing these tapes to finally fulfil their destiny with data, hurrah!

Restore Certified Tape Media

Our Restore tapes are the most secure, yet environmentally friendly option on the market- fact! But being environmentally friendly does not mean you have to compromise on quality, at all. Our Restore tapes are basically pre-loved tapes that have been completely erased, removing ALL traces of data before being re-initialised and processed to be as good as new (if not better, as restored tapes are less prone to manufacturing defects). In addition to its environmental and efficiency benefits, our Restore tapes also come with a 90-day money back guarantee (not that we have ever had any returns), a lifetime warranty and allows us to offer a cost saving to our customers of around 25%.

Many of our customers are making the switch to Restore, as far as they're concerned Restore rocks, but why take anyone else's word for it?

Tape Labelling

Tape labelling can be a crucial element in a data management process, often an essential tool for ensuring a scalable and accountable tape library, which can be vital to both data storage, management and retrieval. We offer a wide range of bespoke labelling options to suit the specifications of our customers, from ‘sticky type’ tape labelling, colour-coding, barcoding, serialisation, box-labelling and branding. Having partnered with EDP, we can supply and print quality Tri-Optic labels from our on-site servicing centre here in Wales, allowing us to offer a speedy, same-day turnaround time. All tape labels are then applied in our clean room environment to ensure there is no contamination to purchased media.

Pad Printing

Also known as ‘tampography', pad-printing transfers a 2-D image onto a 3-D object and is particularly useful for printing on objects that can otherwise be rather difficult to print on (yes, like tape). A useful service for company branding and tape management processes, pad-printing is not removable and therefore is often used for high-security labelling, such as ‘top secret’, ‘secret’, and ‘restricted access’ type labels.

Tape Tracking

Partnered with Tape Track we are able to offer you a robust tracking system to effectively manage your tape media. Finally, you can say goodbye to dated spreadsheets and gain complete control over your tape media library. Tape Track tape management software allows you to have complete visibility and transparency throughout the entire lifecycle of each tape. It allows you to see where every single tape has been, i.e. who requested it and who scanned it in and out along the way, even when it comes to the time of disposal, it records who requested it and who carried it out, giving you a complete history of every tape.

Tape Cases

We offer a range of tape cases to safely transport your tape media. Their professional yet robust design protects the tapes from any damage. With their foam lining cushioning any issues from impact. These stainless steel cases are heavy duty and lockable, ensuring your tapes are secure and stay intact.


Having a vast supply network across the tape market, we may be able to assist and supply you with the equipment to compliment your tape media. Ask your experts for any tape hardware assistance you may need.


As distributors of Proton Data Security, we are able to supply NSA approved degaussers for I.T. Assets Disposition (ITAD) companies. Find out more.