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Services: Tape Maintenance

Tape Maintenance

Managing your tape media doesn’t have to be complicated, however we appreciate the gravity and importance of managing your companies data correctly. Here at Insurgo, we can confidently compile an encompassing, effective solution to support your tape media needs, no matter how minor or complex.

Tape Testing

If you are experiencing any problems with your backup tape media, we have extensive facilities to carry out tape testing in order to establish the root cause of your issues and allow us to advise on the best course of action, whether it be repair or upgrade to a new tape.

Tape Data Extraction

If you need data extracted from a tape and added to a new tape, we can carry this out effectively and securely at our secure facilities.

Tape Upgrades

When technology requirements change, we are able to transition your tape media library to accommodate system changes.

Tape Repair

Beneficial to both your business's environmental impact and budget, our tape repair service can help you to extend the life and quality of your existing tape media. Whether you require secure collection or a site visit from our tape engineers, we are able to carry-out physical tape repairs to ensure minimal disruption to your data storage and tape media management systems.

On-Site Servicing

As well as tape repair, to ensure your tape media management systems remain efficient our tape engineers can visit your site to carry out essential tape drive maintenance. We are also able to supply and maintain erasure equipment for on-site tape destruction, for those organisations that are required to dispose of tape media in-house.

Training and Consultation Services

Whether you would like us to deliver on-site or for your team to receive training at our secure facility, from industry best practices to the most efficient tape management processes, we can provide your organisation with industry and product knowledge to ensure tape media is being used as effectively as possible.