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Services: Tape Disposal

Disposing of your Tape

From our experience and research, we discovered that it is seemingly common practice for some organisations to dispose of their tape media in the same way they dispose of their other IT equipment. Therefore we have made it our mission to educate businesses as to why this habit needs to stop! Non-electrical tape media should not get handled in the same way as electrical I.T equipment, as although the physical tapes may be destroyed, the tape film containing that precious data may still be accessible.

Data Erasure

Data erasure is our speciality here at Insurgo Media and we are proud to say we hold the most environmentally efficient, data erasing process on the market. We are the ONLY organisation in the world that can guarantee that ALL data (yes every single byte) is removed from tape before it is disposed of without destroying the tapes servo tracks. You can have complete confidence that your tape data is safe with tape media experts at Insurgo Media, throughout each stage of the disposal process. We collect your tape media with two security-cleared drivers, before transporting your tapes directly to our secure facility, equipped with 24/7 security systems. We provide you with full visibility and accountability, with your tapes being tracked through every step of the process.

KIT - Kills Information on Tape

No trace of data, no risk of recovery
Eco-friendly tape disposal
Independently tested and validated
Guaranteed 100% secure,
No trace of data, no risk of recovery
Eco-friendly tape disposal
Independently tested and validated
Guaranteed 100% secure, end-to-end

Our revolutionary process, KIT is THE most efficient and environmentally friendly process to securely remove all traces of data from tape.

The science behind it:

KIT works by running a carefully designed non-wearing magnetic head over the full length of the tape which removes ALL trace of recoverable data but leaves the tape servo intact, so that it is reusable as certified tape media. Verified and tested (Why not request our report from the University of South Wales) KIT was developed to deliver guaranteed data erasure whilst enabling the reuse of the tapes, making the tape disposal process better for both security and the environment.

KIT leaves no trace of data on tape, with absolutely no chance of recovery. That is why, government departments and other organisations that need absolute data security choose Insurgo Media’s KIT process to erase information. KIT is only available through Insurgo Media.







Total process security

You can be confident that your data is completely safe throughout the entire KIT process from secure collection right through to ultimate destruction. We collect your tape media with two security-cleared drivers and transported directly to our secure facility, for storage under 24/7 security systems before being processed and erased. As there are no data-reading drives involved in the KIT process, there is no opportunity for a data leak. We give you full visibility and accountability, with tapes tracked through every step of the process.

If you would prefer your tapes to stay on your premises, you can choose on-site KIT, where we use the same verified process to destroy your data while it stays on site. Contact our team to to find out how our KIT process can help your organisation dispose of tape data.

SWAT - Securely Wipes All Tracks

Destroys tape, rendering it unusable
No chance of data recovery
Destroys tape, rendering it unusable
No chance of data recovery
High security tape media disposal
100% secure process,
High security tape media disposal
100% secure process, end-to-end

Just like our KIT process, our SWAT process guarantees ALL data is completely removed from tape, however SWAT completely destroys the magnetic servo tracks of the tape so it can not be reused. It is a complete tape destruction solution.

During the SWAT process, unlike more traditional data disposal methods, the entirety of the tape is exposed to the degaussing magnet, making for a more efficient data erasing process.

As each tape is individually chip scanned during the processes, the SWAT process can provide full visibility and verification that all data has been removed from each tape. We ensure there is complete transparency and security for our customers throughout the entire SWAT process.

Although we would always recommend KIT to our customers due to its environmental benefit, we appreciate that some may require complete tape destruction and may be a better option for obsolete tape.

We appreciate that it may be a requirement for some businesses to dispose of tape on-site, therefore we can provide a secure on-site SWAT service.

On-site disposal

Dependent on the requirements of your organisation, in some cases you may need to find an on-site solution for your tape disposal, therefore we have both our KIT and SWAT tape disposal processes available on site. We can also provide alternative solutions to support on-site tape erasure, from degaussers to disposal boxes.

Although, due to their unparalleled capabilities, we would always recommend the KIT or SWAT disposal solution to our customers, however we appreciate there may be instances where alternate options may be suffice, for instance, an organisation does not hold sensitive data on their tape media. Contact our team to find out about our on-site tape disposal solutions.

Other methods of data disposal

As security and the protection of data is the fundamental focus here at Insurgo Media, we would not recommend our customers place any risk, now matter how small, on any tape erasure process that does not guarantee and verify that ALL data will be removed. However we appreciate that for some organisations lower levels of security may be sufficient, therefore we can offer alternative methods of tape disposal if requested.


During the degaussing process the tape is exposed to an intense magnetic field which distorts the data. The method is often used for hardware, such as hard drives, disks, cassettes and reels.

Degaussing pulls data tracks of a tape apart, which deems the tape un-reusable, which means this is not an eco-friendly solution. Using high energy degaussing equipment, Insurgo Media Services can offer degaussing services for all types of backup tape, from LTO to open reel, giving you a secure, fully traceable tape disposal solution.

With our end-to-end accountability, we can track and verify that every tape has been degaussed. As well as offering secure collection and processing in our facilities, we can offer on-site tape degaussing services.


As well as giving our customers full traceability and accountability throughout all of our disposal solutions we are able to provide bespoke reporting to suit the requirements of our customers. Whether it’s the serial numbers of all the erased tapes or an in-depth look at how many times they had been drive-mounted through-life. Or perhaps the volume of data that has been erased in the process. This behind the scenes look at the processes can provide some valuable insight to many of our customers and be a useful resource for their data management records.

Money back on tape disposal

You could make some money on throwing away old tape. By utilising the KIT process to dispose of your tape media, you allow your old tapes to be reused as new. Of course, this would eliminate your need to buy new tape and greatly lessen your environmental impact, but if the tapes are no longer suitable for your organisation we may offer you a monetary sum for those tapes so that we can pass on their benefits to other customers. Get in touch with our team to find the best tape disposal route for you.