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Tape Media Degaussing

Insurgo Media Services offer degaussing services for all types of tape, giving you a secure, fully traceable tape disposal solution. With the ability to track and verify that each individual tape has been degaussed, our end-to-end accountability offers complete peace of mind.

We use high energy degaussing equipment.

Making use of industry-standard technology housed within our state-of-the-art secure facilities, our degaussing service is trusted by some of the largest security-conscious brands and organisations in the country. From secure transit through to safe, 24 hour monitored storage and an entirely trackable process, security and the protection of our clients’ data is at the centre of everything we do.

As well as offering secure collection and processing in our facilities, we also give clients the option to have tapes processed on their site, giving an added level of assurance.

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How does degaussing work?

Degaussing is the name given to the process of exposing a tape to an intense magnetic field, and in doing so, removing all data from the cartridge. The method is used not only for tape media, but also hard drives, disks, cassettes and reels.

No trace of data, no chance of recovery, for all types of tape media

The degaussing process works by running a strong magnetic field over the iron oxide within a tape, and in doing so removing any level of readable data. This movement of the iron oxide distorts the data to the point where it is no longer readable and therefore erased.

This process is secure primarily because the data is removed physically: degaussing pulls data tracks apart as it randomises patterns that once held data.

Degaussing is a relatively inexpensive process, but once a tape has been degaussed, it cannot be reused. Because of this, the environmental implications of degaussing must be considered.

Guaranteed 100% secure – end-to-end

You can be confident that your data is safe throughout the Insurgo process. We can collect your tape media with two security-cleared drivers. Each tape is transported directly to our secure facility, for storage under 24/7 security systems before being processed and erased. We give you full visibility and accountability, with tapes tracked through every step of the process.

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