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Secure Tape Media Disposal and Destruction

Just a few years ago, computer backup tapes were consumable items. You order one, and you use it, then you threw it away.

However, now, and with an ever growing number of protection laws, tapes are no longer just a consumable. These tapes are not only an asset but if you are not careful, they could see you facing fines and cost your business its reputation.

We destroy your data in our processing facility and our strict process that ensures your data is in the safest possible hands.

Through our journey, we have learnt how to advise and help protect our customers to ensure compliance with the various data retention and data protection legislations.

KIT Eraser Technology

We have developed a secure eraser technology. The technology, called KIT has been independently tested and verified by the University of South Wales to remove all traces of data without damaging the servo track allowing the tape to be reused.

KIT can be used on LTO and 3592 tape formats. The KIT process offers massive cost and environmental benefits when compared to the traditional forms of disposal such as shredding or degaussing and increases security.

Using this process, we have worked with some of the biggest organisations in the world, in industries including banks, insurance companies, healthcare and government agencies.

Banking, Insurance, Government, Education, Private Sector, Charities

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Tape Degaussing

For tapes that we cannot process using our KIT technology we have CESG approved degaussing devices capable of destroying data fully. We can degauss any magnetic media including tape and hard drives.

Degaussing works by passing the media through the controlled magnetic field to eliminate data. Using the right degausser will guarantee that your data is no longer retrievable. This method does not allow for your media to be reused meaning final disposal in a landfill.

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Tape Shredding

Using downstream partners, we can offer tape shredding. This service can be provided on or off site. If your tape has been degaussed then shredding your tape media before landfill is a secure option for disposal.

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