XPO has joined forces with The Tape Media Experts at Insurgo Media, in a bid provide their customers with the most secure data destruction services on the market.

Now in their 20th year as an ITAD provider, XPO has erased and destroyed both sensitive and personal data for a number of companies across the globe, they feel that the ability to demonstrate compliance is paramount to the satisfaction of their customers.

At XPO, security is a top priority, as they believe it should be for any company handling the data erasure and destruction of large amounts of data bearing assets and that it is essential that this can be proven to their customers, in order to reassure them that their data is in the best hands possible. That’s why XPO have gained certification from the following industry standards: ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ADISA accreditation (merit).

XPO pride themselves in being able to give their customers complete peace of mind

When it comes to disposing of media tapes, XPO want to be able to provide their customers with the best possible solutions, which is why they decided to team up with The Tape Media Experts at Insurgo.

We confidently pride ourselves as being the ONLY organisation in the world that can guarantee all traces of data (yes, every single byte) is removed from a tape before it is disposed of – without destroying the tapes servo tracks, which not only is undoubtedly the most secure data destruction method, but it also decreases the environmental impact of the redundant tapes, allowing them to be reinitialised to the market, as if they were new.



This process is so secure and precise that it’s extremely difficult for other data destruction providers to offer a competitive solution, therefore this partnership allows XPO to now offer their customers the best possible service when it comes to disposing of all aspects of their IT assets, in collaboration with  a company that is as passionate about data destruction as we are.

XPO Managing Director, Gary Buxton comments:
We at XPO pride ourselves in being able to give our customers complete peace of mind that their data is being handled the right way. With this in mind, we knew that when it came to expanding the services we offer, we would want to partner with a like-minded company such as Insurgo.
It’s great to go into partnership, Insurgo have been global leaders in tape media management for over a decade. I’ve worked with their MD, Gavin Griffiths for just over five years and we’ve always worked really well together so I know it will be a terrific partnership moving forward.”


A word from Insurgo, Gavin Griffiths, Managing Director:
“Here at Insurgo we see the value partnering opportunities such as this has on our respective customers, therefore it’s a principal objective within our new UK and global strategy, however, it is imperative to mention that our partnership offerings are very limited, we only accept a select number of elite organisations that can match our commitment to security.
We felt that with XPO’s experienced and specialist background would be an ideal partnership for us and we are more than happy to be involved with the increasing scope of their services in providing their customers with a great service for tape media disposal”.

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