The Tape Media Experts Introduce Italy to the Most Secure Tape Data Erasure Solution on the Market, at BrokerBin

BrokerBin is a member exchange network, made up of brokers, resellers, service centers, integrators, and wholesalers within the IT, telecom, imaging, and POS (point of sale) business to business marketplace.

BrokerBin holds two Roadshows each year, one in Europe and an annual event in Las Vegas, which provides a great networking opportunity and the chance for it's members to meet face to face.

As a BrokerBin member Insurgo has utilised the BrokerBin network as a distribution tool for our extensive supply of tape media, including legacy tape and our own brand of certified media, Restore.  As specialists not only in supply, but the total life-cycle management of tape media, including tape data disposal in particular, we wanted to demonstrate our revolutionary tape media disposal solutions to the members in order to increase their awareness surrounding the security of their own tape media disposal processes.

After many years in the tape media industry, alongside the heightening demands on data security, we witnessed the pitfalls and risks associated with the more traditional tape media disposal solutions and therefore have invested heavily in in-house research and development to create market-leading tape media disposal solutions, K.I.T (Kills Information tape) and S.W.A.T (Securely wipes all tracks).

100% of data removed, 100% environmentally friendly, 100% traceable

K.I.T- is the only tape media disposal solution in the world (as we know it) that can guarantee all traces of readable data will be removed from the full length of the tape, whilst keeping the servo tracks of the tape intact, allowing them to be reused.

S.W.A.T total tape media destruction drive

S.W.A.T- is our total tape media destruction option, like K.I.T. it removes all traces of data from the full length of tape, but it completely destroys the servo tracks, rendering the tape useless , meaning it can not be reused in any capacity.

We took the opportunity at the BrokerBin Roadshow to showcase our K.I.T. and S.W.A.T drives, allowing us to demonstrate their capability,for both on and off-site use and our bespoke tracking system that allows each tape to be fully visible throughout the entire process, providing our customers with the total confidence that their tapes have all been successfully erased.  


Among the more formal meetings and discussions around tape media and data security the members were also able to enjoy more relaxed networking opportunities with a gala dinner and cocktail reception.

The Insurgo team 'mugshots'

The team were even able to do a little site seeing, with a visit to the Colosseum, the Trevi fountains, Spanish steps and the impressive Pantheon.

An enjoyable and engaging trip for the Insurgo team, with many great contacts made, we certainly look forward to the next.

If you would like to find our more on our tape media services, our extensive tape media supply or secure tape media disposal solutions, why not get in touch with the team

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