After attending for the first time in 2018, this year’s Storage Awards were definitely high-upon our social calendar, especially after scooping ‘The One to Watch’ last year,it was a real honour to be finalists in a whopping 6 categories a year on.

For the 16th annual awards ceremony, a prestigious event in the Storage calendar, was held this year on Thursday 14th June at the Leonardo Royal Hotel London, around 7pm the guests arrived for a champagne reception before proceeding onto the awards (and just importantly, the food)


After an extremely busy year of developments, the team were absolutely delighted when Insurgo was awarded‘Innovation of the Year’ for our K.I.T. tape media disposal solution.

To give you a very brief overview of our K.I.T (Kills Information on Tape) after 7 years of investing heavily in research and development, we have created the ONLY solution in the world (as we know it) that can guarantee ALL traces of readable data will be removed from the full length of the tape, without damaging the servo tracks of the tape, allowing it to reused; making K.I.T. the most secure and environmentally friendly tape media disposal solution on the market. K.I.T. is full traceable, with software that tracks every single tape in the disposal process and is available for both on and off-site use.

If you would like more information, you can check out or website or get in touch with the team

+44 (0)1495 372 000


Connect on LinkedIn with the team who attended the awards:

Corrie: Marketing Executive

Saul: Tape supply and secure disposal specialist

Julie: Tape supply and secure disposal specialist

Clare: Tape erasure specialist

Lawrence:Sales Operations Manager


We would like to also say a massive congratulations to all the winners of this year’s awards,you check them out here