As the MD celebrates turning 40, let us take a look at the Insurgo story so far

After working for many years within a sales role for a large distributor of tape and other IT goods, Gavin felt there was a real gap in the tape media market and in 2009 decided to start his own tape business from his back bedroom. A decision that presented him with great nervousness, due to his first child only just being born. However, despite his anticipation, after a productive and positive start,Gavin decided to pursue this venture and made the decision not to return to work and instead utilized the income he was generating to reinvest into growing the business.  

In 2010, with the business steadily growing, a small office space became available Gavin’s home town of Cwm, where he set up a few desk,PCs and a phone system in readiness for some extra sales and admin support. Gavin then went on to recruit team members, who brought with them many years of experience within the industry, with some involved in the early manufacturing of tape manufacturing.

In 2011, Insurgo opened a separate facility for production and a small warehousing area, before relocating to larger premises in Abertillery in 2012 to incorporate all of Insurgo’s business operations under one roof.

It was during this time that Insurgo began to invest into research and development to try and find a solution to combat the issues and risks posed by traditional tape media disposal methods, which become a reality in 2014, when they created a solution that that was both secure and environmentally friendly. With continuing improvements and investment in R+D, in 2016 this revolutionary solution was tested and verified to remove ALL traces of readable data from a tape, whilst still allowing it to be reused,it is now patent-pending in over 50 countries.

Some other key dates:

- 2013: Insurgo’s business processes become ISO approved

- 2014: Insurgo introduces a lifetime warranty on their own brand of certified tape media

- 2015: Expansion of the premises to include clean-rooms and high-security vaults

- 2017: R+D investment in a total tape media destruction solution, that removes ALL the data but renders the tape completely useless.

- 2018: Insurgo became members of the Tape Storage Council and won ‘The Ones to Watch’ award at the prestigious Storage Awards


As well as welcoming the Managing Director’s 40th year, 2019 has been incredibly busy so far, with new team members, audits and accreditations, developments in software and services for the global market, Insurgo are certainly living up to their ‘Ones to Watch' title, exciting times ahead.

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