What’s greener, cheaper and better than new?

Sounds like an opening line to a bad joke, but actually Restore Certified tape media couldn’t be further than that.

As the exclusive supplier of Restore certified tape media, here at Insurgo we take enormous pride, as well as having the ultimate confidence in this revolutionary product; that allows us to offer our customers substantial cost-savings when it comes to their tape supply, as well as helping them to reduce their environmental footprint, whilst ensuring they are getting the best quality of tape media.

What is Restore certified tape Media?

Re-store tape is basically pre-loved tape media that has avoided being destroyed and disposed of. Restore is tape that has been previously used but has since undergone a robust process that removes ALL traces of data before re-processing and initializing the tape ready to be used again, as a new tape.

The issues with Restore tape

We have complete confidence in this product and would always recommend this option to our customers, so much so, we not only offer our Restore customers a 90-day money back guarantee but also a lifetime warranty on our Restore tape supply, however, we are yet to have any issues or returns.

The only issue that we ever seem to face with this product is perhaps a little apprehension with a minority  tape users, particularly here in the UK market, where purchasing behavior has traditionally programmed us think that ‘new’ means better, however with changes in the economic climate as well as increasing demands on our environment, this mindset does seem to be shifting and more of us are opting for ‘recycled’ items whenever possible. Here at Insurgo we have made it our mission to try and help change this out-dated behaviour.

You may not think twice about buying a ‘used’ car, why shouldn’t that be the case for your tape media?

The benefits of Restore tape

·         Reduces the overall environmental impact of tape

·         Reduces the eco-footprint of a tape users

·         Reduces the cost of purchasing tape

·         ALL traces of data have been removed, guaranteed

·         Has less defects than new tape

·         Each tape has been individually tested

·         90-day money back guarantee

·         Lifetime warranty

The benefits of Restore speak for themselves, with their economic, environmental and performance capabilities making them a clear winner when it comes to tape media supply, we would urge all tape media users to give them a try.

Things to consider with re-certified tape

There are of course other versions of re-certified tapes in the market, with some brands claiming that like Restore, ALL data has been wiped from the tapes, however, this is not always the case, please ensure this you can verify this when you are buying re-certified tape.

Have complete confidence with Restore.

Contact the team for more information info@insurgomedia.com +(44) 01495 372 000