(Catch up with the team you met at InfoSec Corrie + Gavin)

4th- 6th June 2019 The Tape Media Experts attended the InfoSecurity Europe event held at the Olympia London, the event is held annually as a sourcing and knowledge hub for Europe’s information and cyber community, hosting over 400 diverse suppliers and over 15,000 info-security professionals.  Being our first visit to the event we were invited to join the Cymru Wales stand on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government to represent Welsh business alongside a group of businesses that are currently operating within the data security and information sector.

With our HQ in Abertillery, our bespoke tape media disposal solutions designed and manufactured in Wales, utilising Welsh suppliers and components, along with the best of Welsh tape media talent of course, we are always keen to support Welsh business activity wherever possible.

During the 3 days we were able to talk tape, in particular secure tape media disposal, as we demonstrated our revolutionary tape media disposal solutions, which proved of particular interest to many of the data protection and information security professionals we met at the exhibition.

With our evidential research proving the pitfalls of shredding tape media and data recovery experts confirming that it is in fact possible to retrieve data from shreds of tape, we carried out extensive R+D to develop innovative tape media disposal solutions that can guarantee 100% data erasure. Alongside this we also developed a unique tape tracking software that provides full visibility of each tape throughout the entire erasure process, vastly mitigating the risks of a potential data and security breach.

Innovate tape media disposal solutions

- K.I.T. (Kills Information on Tape)

-S.W.A.T. (Securely Wipes All Tracks)

Available for both on and off-site usage, both solutions remove ALL traces of readable data, yet K.I.T. does not damage the servo tracks, allowing the tape to be recycled and reused data-free, whilst S.W.A.T. removes ALL data yet completely destroys the servo tracks, rendering the tape completely useless, for total tape media destruction.

Bespoke tracking software

Our software chip-scans each tape and provides full visibility of every single tape during the process, including how much data is on them, providing our customers with the complete confidence that each tape has been completely wiped of all data.

Now patent pending in over 50 countries we are completely confident that no other tape media solution on the market can match our security levels in providing complete data erasure, if you didn’t catch us at InfoSec we would love to invite you to visit our high-security facility in South Wales, where we can show you first hand the solutions and process in action.

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