Let us take a little trip down memory lane...

Ah May 2018- many European business folk were frantically preparing for the new Data Protection Regulations about to come into play. In fact, we were even Googling GDPR more than Beyoncé and Kim K, (I know, how shocking) trying to ensure our businesses met the stringent guidelines concerning the collection and processing of personal information.  Our mail boxes were filling up with GDPR related emails and you couldn’t scroll on LinkedIn without a GDPR training course popping up, good times hey! Fast-forward 12 months later and let's take a look at how has the European business landscape fared against these new regulations.


The year in GDPR stats:

·        Over 200,000 cases were reported

·        There were 60,000 data breaches recorded

·        10, 000 of the breaches were from British businesses

·        €56m was paid out in fines

(Although there have been numerous six-figure fines none are yet to exceed the £500,000 maximum penalty that was set out in the 1998 Data Protection Act)

Forget naming names here, the figures speak for themselves, but from these breaches what have we learned?


The lessons we should learn from the GDPR breaches of 2018

1.            Show demonstrable effort

-              Proactively notify the supervisory authority when a possible data breach occurs

-              Show cooperation and implement their security recommendations


2.            Don’t forget the Basics

-             Use password encryption

-             Implement access control


3.          Be transparent

-            Gain consent to obtain and process data

-            Be clear on your purposes for collecting the data and how long it will be stored


4.           Location, location, location

-             Even if your HQ or server is outside of GDPR jurisdiction it is where decisions are being made regarding the procession of the data that counts


So, taking all those simple, yet crucial lessons on board, not forgetting the 7 principles of GDPR, here's to a data-breech-free 2019.

The 7 principles of GDPR


1)     Lawfulness, fairness and transparency

2)     Purpose limitation

3)     Data minimization

4)     Accuracy

5)     Storage limitation

6)     Integrity and confidentiality (security)

7)     Accountability


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