After a somewhat humble beginnings (in a back bedroom would you believe) in 2009, amidst a successful career as a sales executive within the I.T. arena, Gavin Griffiths felt there was a real gap in the market when it came to tape media and decided to start-up Insurgo Media to specialise in all things tape. Gavin went on to recruit some of his associates, who has an extensive background within the industry and has been involved in the early manufacturing of tape.

As well as their expertise in tape supply and sourcing, the team had witnessed first-hand the pitfalls and risks that their tape customers faced with traditional tape media destruction methods, such as shredding, incineration or degaussing and therefore wanted to create a robust and secure solution for tape media market that disposal that met the needs of a modern tape media user.

Insurgo invested heavily into research in development, with many designs, adjustments and testing later, created a unique magnetic head, along with a bespoke motherboard, that is fitted into a tape media drive to erasure all data from the full length of a tape. This process was then verified though vigorous testing by data recovery experts to confirm that all readable data had been erased from the tapes and that any data was totally unrecoverable, the solution was given a security level 5 rating.

Since then the K.I.T. (Kills Information on Tape) has been utilised by various organisations,across a range of industries, to dispose of their tape media both securely and environmentally, including the Met Office (you can read this case study here).

Since its initial creation, the disposal process has progressed even further, with the development of a fully tractably tape tracking software, that chip-scans every tape and provides a transparent overview of each tape throughout the entire process. Also, as well as providing the K.I.T.process at our high-security facilities, it has since been commissioned for off-site use, so our customers have full control over their tape media disposal.

Collectively the Insurgo team has almost 200 combined years in the tape media industry, and have all been working tirelessly on progressing K.I.T. and processing our secure tape disposal solution to the highest of standards. Therefore,we were all completely thrilled to have received the Innovation of the Year for K.I.T. at this year’s Storage Awards.

(Find out how our night at the awards went)

It was a great recognition of all the teams hard work and in particular the Head of our R+D and technical expert Mr Roy Spiller, who this award has been dedicated to.With his technical know-how nothing short of genius and his precision and intricacy completely unparalleled, Roy has been totally committed to creating and improving this product to make it what it is today, a one of a kind solution that nothing else in the world can compete with.

Well done Roy and team Insurgo .