Ok so it might have been around since the 50’s but tape is the one technology that doesn’t seem to die, in-fact with the digital age booming, as we create more and more data by the second, the almighty tape lives on.

With stats revealing that we have created more than 90% of data in the last two years alone, tape media (in some shape or form) stores most of it, with the world creating over 2.5 quintillion bytes every single day, it seems that despite its modern-day rivalries, the backup tape is here to stay and here are just 7 simple reasons why….

1)  Mobility

Due to the physical portability of tape, it’s an ideal solution for off-site archiving, making it ideal for organisations that need to store data for long periods of time.

2)  Risk

As tape can be taken ‘offline’ following a backup it means it is less prone to data corruption or risk of data breach.

3)  Cost

It may not seem as ‘cool’ as some new technologies but it’s low cost knocks the others straight out of the park on the budget front.

4)  Storage

The almighty tape is king of capacity, with some holding as much as a 30 + terabyte of data per tape.

5)  Compact

Compared to other storage methods, tape data can be compressed to a much smaller size, which great news for companies that need to store large amounts of data whilst keeping costs down.

6)  Compliant

In certain countries, it is a legal requirement that data must be stored in the country of origin, which isn’t possible with cloud-based storage methods.

7)  Durable

Stored appropriately and maintained well, magnetic tape can be used for up to 30 years

Despite its pretty awesome qualities tape technology can sometimes get overlooked in comparison to some it's more youthful rivals, but hey if Google currently uses 50,000 LTO tapes every quarter we are pretty sure that even those ‘sexy’ data storage solutions still rely on the good old tape.