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Degaussing with Proton

In the right hands, degaussing can be a reliable option for data disposal...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the most secure tape media disposal method?

For many years companies have often relied upon disposing of their tape media through the more traditional methods, like degaussing, shredding or incineration, however with the advancements of tape, growing concerns over the environment and increasing demands on data security, it's questionable as to whether these methods alone can meet the needs of todays’ conscientious organisation.

Through extensive research into tape data disposal methods, Insurgo has developed a revolutionary disposal solution that offers organisations complete confidence in their data destruction, offering total data erasure as well as being environmentally friendly, find out more about our KIT tape disposal process…

What is the most environmentally friendly way of disposing of tape?

With mounting pressures on our environment, it's essential for us, as both individuals and businesses, to consider the impact we are having on our planet.

With plastics being particularly problematic, it is essential that we are taking action to dispose of tape media in the most 'eco-friendliest' way, and with some components of tape media being completely unrecyclable, Insurgo’s unique tape disposal solution, KIT, offers a completely environmentally friendly way of disposing of tape media, find out more...

I have a tape data disposal method in place, why should I consider changing?

Whereas companies may have previously relied on convenience and costs when disposing of their tape media there simply is no room for complacency, budget cutting or sweeping anything under the carpet when it comes to data security or a company’s environmental impact anymore, therefore any conscientious organisation that wants to ensure the risk of a data breach is at its absolute minimum, needs to have a dedicated, secure and verified method specifically for their tape media that can guarantee a complete secure process end-to-end, that successfully removes all traces of data from your data tapes, all whilst limiting its effect on the environment.

Here at Insurgo we are confident that we will surpass all other tape disposal methods on the market, find out more about our tape disposal process...

How should I store my tape media?

Despite their robust and durable exterior, the precious magnetic tape that stores your data inside needs to be taken care of. To maximize their performance and life-span, tapes should be kept in a clean, dry, dust-free environment, kept relatively active and away from direct sunlight, with the optimum storage temperature being between 59-77 °F, and in a humidity of 40- 60%.

Even when the tapes are no longer in action, they should still be stored adequately, do not keep them all piled on top of each other in big bags or containers, as they may be suitable for reuse and/or resale if stored correctly.

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