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Announcing the Insurgo 2017 Community and Charity Commitment

By Insurgo January 27, 2017

Insurgo Media Services is pleased to announce the 2017 Community and Charity Commitment.

During 2017, Insurgo will donate 5p per tape processed to charities and community organisations. The commitment is in line with our aim to give back and support those in need as we continue to grow.

50% of the final donation amount will go to a national charity at the end of the year. The remaining 50% will be split between 12 community groups (one each month).

Gavin Griffiths, Managing Director of Insurgo said “When I started this business over 7 years ago, I received a £2,000 kick-start grant from the local council. Insurgo’s turnover amassed a little over £270,000 in the first year (in 9 months of trading). This year we are expecting a turnover in excess of £1.8 million.

“Whilst we have grown significantly, I haven’t lost sight of how we got here and of how that small kick-start funding helped so much. It was a foundation of supporting this company to where it is today and I really would love to see Insurgo support others in a similar manner whilst giving a fair percentage to charity.”

Today, we’re are asking our community of clients, suppliers and other interested parties to help a cause of their choice to receive the 50% portion of this year’s donation pot. We’re also welcoming suggestions on which community project should receive this month’s split of the pot.

To nominate a charity or community organisation, please email or comment on this LinkedIn post.

We’ll announce the winning charity chosen before the end of the first quarter. Monthly winners will be announced regularly on our LinkedIn page.

We look forward to your suggestions and helping make a positive impact.

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