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The Insurgo Team

The Team

Revolutionary technologies and unparalleled secure facilities aside, our employees really are our most valued asset. We feel it is an essential requirement of our business operations to invest in the recruitment, training and development of our staff to ensure that we have the best workforce in the industry.

The Tape Media Experts

At the forefront of the organisation, these guys have vast experience in the tape media industry (and beyond). Quite frankly what they don’t know about tape isn't worth knowing! From tape supply, to disposal and all that’s in between, our Tape Media Experts strive to deliver the best solution for your tape media needs.

Tape Erasure Specialists

A department driven by precision, process and procedure, the team instills a high security focus in their everyday activity. A varied department, seeing every tape format known to man and constantly on the go, they ensure all tapes are processed in the most secure manner possible.

The Warehouse Team

These guys literally know the in’s and out’s of the business, they are able to spot counterfeit tape products a mile-off and ensure the secure receipt of live data ready for tape disposal. The team manages our vast tape stock levels and ensures we provide the most efficient tape supply service to our customers.

The Management Team

Using their extensive tape media experiences to shape the business, their hands-on and passionate approach creates the positive and productive working environment here at Insurgo. The management team is constantly overseeing the innovations of all of our departments.

The Accounts Team

Managing the finances for the company (as well as the rest of the teams wages of course) these brilliant number whizzes ensure that every business transaction is managed and recorded correctly and promptly.

The Marketing Department

The Marketing Department ensures that we are delivering the right messages to our customers in-line with the business strategy, working with every department within the business to ensure that we are all communicating the Insurgo Media brand in the right way.

The Research and Development Department

They may be behind the scenes but the R&D department ensures that our business is continuously moving in-line with the increasing demands when it comes to data disposal, alongside the increasing data storage capacity on tape media. Their innovations have rocked the tape disposal world and they continue to develop bespoke solutions to ensure we will always exceed the needs of our customers.

As well as their innovative creations, they also test alternative data removal solutions within the industry, to not only uncover potential risks for our customers but to ensure we remain the forward-thinkers and maintain the highest possible standards. The R+D team ensure we stay at the top of our game (and if we do say so ourselves, they are nothing short of genius!)

The Compliance Department

At the heart of Insurgo Media the Compliance team are responsible for ensuring that the business has the best working environment and processes available. The department is responsible for evaluating how the business operates and manages the implementation of business policies and strategies. They work with all departments across the business to ensure smooth running in accordance with our company guidelines.

They ensure we are conducting our business in full compliance with all laws, regulations and accreditations that pertain to our particular industry, as well as professional standards, accepted business practices, and internal standards.

The team is not only charged with keeping the company’s business dealings ethically sound and legally pristine, but also in ensuring staff remain focused through continuous review and internal auditing, training, development and ensuring each team member has a complete understanding of the company’s goals and objectives, which will ensure the highest possible level of compliance and help operations run smoothly.

For all things tape media and beyond, our team would love to hear from you. Please get in touch.

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