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Cardiff University – Insurgo Media Services KIT – Testimonial

Cardiff University’s 2015 implementation of a new cloud-based IT system resulted in a large pool of redundant tapes.

Insurgo Media agreed to recycle the tapes using a technology it had developed to magnetically wipe data from tapes.

Recycling the tapes rather than sending them for incineration or shredding would have significant environmental benefits whilst enabling the University to meet its requirements to dispose data securely.

The process involved:

– several site visits to Insurgo Media to review the processes and technology involved

– the production of test tapes by Insurgo Media, some of which were then sent to an independent third party for erasure verification.

Following the testing process, the University has since sent two batches of tapes to Insurgo Media for recycling, and will continue to consider Insurgo Media’s services in the future.

Cardiff University would like to thank Insurgo Media for its openness during the review and evaluation process, and send its congratulations on gaining accreditation by ADISA 1 for secure disposal of data on tape.

  – Huw Gulliver, IT Systems Security Team, Cardiff University.

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