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About Insurgo Media

About Us

Priding ourselves as The Tape Media Experts, Insurgo Media Services are dedicated to providing a total tape media management solution for organisations across the globe. 

Established in 2009, the Insurgo team has over 150+ years combined experience in the tape manufacturing and data storage industry, with many of our tape experts involved in the early manufacturing of tape and previously part of the global organisations who specialised in developing enterprise tapes for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). 

With a fast and global reach, Insurgo Media has become the trusted outlet for tape media supply, tape maintenance, secure data destruction and tape media disposal for organisations worldwide.

Our extensive research and development within the industry has enabled us to develop innovative, patent-pending, technologies that are dedicated to ensuring the secure disposal of sensitive data, allowing us to mitigate risks for our customers, who may otherwise rely on using traditional tape disposal methods.

Our bespoke solution (KIT- Kills all Information on Tape) is the ONLY data disposal method on the market that can guarantee 100% of all readable data will be removed from tape, without damaging it, allowing the tape to be reused as new.

Here at Insurgo security is absolutely paramount and the complete confidence of our customers is at the core of our entire operation. Driven by innovation, we continuously invest in research, development, training and resources to ensure our products, services and people are the very best in the industry.

We Take Security Very Seriously Here

As if our facility wasn’t secure enough, (even 007 would seriously struggle to gain entrance) we have some pretty impressive additions within our facility to ensure our customer’s data is completely secure whilst under our care.

Here’s a little demonstration of the fastest fogging security system on the market, taking just 0.1 to react to an intruder, it blasts 28 cubic meters of fog per second, filing an entire room at an impeccable speed, leaving very little in the way of visibility.

As soon as the Fog Bandit initalises the authorities are called, any intruder to the premises will be certainly stopped in their fog-filled tracks, check this out…

Our Values

Our values are the fundamental principles on which our entire operation is based.
They mean much more to us than compliance, legislation or code of conduct.
Our values are the fundamental principles on which our entire operation is based. They mean much more to us than compliance, legislation or code of conduct.
Security is paramount
We strive for excellence
Innovation drives us
Our staff are our best asset
We care for the environment
We are ethical & responsible


Insurgo Media strives to be the market leader in Tape Media Management, specialising in data disposal and the environmental management of Tape Media.

Our vision is to achieve a renowned global reputation for providing the most secure methods of data disposal andsupply of new and certified tape media. The scope of Insurgo’s operations include: In-house product development, R&D, innovation, sales, manufacturing, customer service, marketing and contractual agreements.


We take pride in our collaborations with external parties, seeing great value in the robust partnerships that we have established. By working together we can strengthen and develop industries, allowing us to offer world-leading products, services and solutions to our customers.

Get in touch If you would like more information on partnering opportunities.


Our customers really are at the centre of everything we do, with their best interests spurring on our consistent quality of service, we strive to exceed expectations wherever possible. Dedicated to offering our customers the best, bespoke, solution for their tape media needs, from purchase, to maintenance, right through to disposal.

Extensive experience and unparalleled security facilities aside, we really feel it is our enthusiastic and supportive nature that really sets us apart from the rest. Insurgo Media are a trusted solution provider for organisations in both the public and private sectors, working with companies across a variety of industries including banking and finance, broadcasting, seismic, leisure, retail, healthcare, education, defence and governmental bodies.


Insurgo aims to take our products and services to the global market and become the trusted outlet in tape media management. It is Insurgo’s mission to provide a cost-effective, bespoke and 100% environmentally friendly data disposal service for tape media users.

Insurgo’s target market focuses on all end-users of tape media, within varying industries, from banking, finance, Governmental bodies, education and health. Insurgo’s K.I.T. (patent pending) process greatly supports the business’ mission, by providing a low-cost, yet highly secure, alternative to the current data disposal methods in the market, offering our customers both a beneficial value proposition, as well as an eco-friendly solution.

Our Values

Our values are the fundamental principles on which our entire business operation is based upon. 

They mean much more than compliance, legislation or code of conduct.

Security is paramount
We strive for service excellence
Innovation drives us
Our employees are our best asset
We care about the environment
We are responsible, accountable and ethical in all that we do

Our Values

Security is paramount
We strive for service excellence
Innovation drives us
Our employees are our best asset
We care about the environment
We are responsible, accountable and ethical

Our Employees

Our employees are the backbone of the organisation, we have a great appreciation of the individual experiences, skills and personal qualities that they each bring to the team. 

Driven by forward-thinking and innovation, we invest heavily in research, development and training to ensure our products, services and people are the best in the industry. We aim to provide our employees with a career, not just a job, therefore we strive to create a stimulating, engaging and rewarding  working environment that supports and encourages them to develop both personally and professionally, in an environment built on respect and trust, we want our employees to feel fulfilled at the end of each working day.

With security being the key focus for the organisation, each team member takes responsibility for how the business operates. We place great focus on remaining at the highest level of compliance, all staff receive consistent and regular training to ensure that we the company remains ethical, legal and that we are undertaking the best possible practice for our business operations.

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Our Accreditations

Striving to be always be at the top of our game, remaining consistently compliant and continuously improve our processes.
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We're winners of the Storage Awards 2018

Insurgo are very proud winners of this year's 'One to Watch' at the Storage Awards 2018, which recognises the achievements within the data storage industry.

We feel this was a very fitting award for us this year, with a new business strategy and company branding, as we look to expand the global presence of our revolutionary tape media solutions.  

Exciting times ahead! Click here If you would like to find out more about our evening at the 2018 Storage Awards

Accreditations and Memberships

We are UKAS Accredited for ISO 27001:2017 and hold Cyber Essentials Plus certifications to validate our secure processes internally are of the highest standards. These accreditations ensure we continue to work to a strict set of processes surrounding information security and are putting the necessary measures in place to protect the data we store and dispose of.

As security is the key focus for everyone at Insurgo, we invest heavily in security technologies to ensure the protection of our customer’s data.

As well as complying with ISO 27001 and being ICO compliant, Insurgo also complies with GDPR Regulations.

Our commitment to delivering a consistently high level of quality service to our customers is underpinned by our accreditation to ISO 9001:2015. We have adopted a formal and continuing programme of review, evaluation and modification of operations at all levels to allow us to provide excellent products and services to our customers and ensure they are sustained and continually improved.

We are accredited for ISO 14001:2015 which has supported our implementation of an effective Environmental Management System, allowing us to benchmark ourselves against current environmental performance and help us to explore ways in which to improve on any environmental impact. This accreditation demonstrates we work in an environmentally friendly manner, ensuring we have the most efficient practices when it comes to energy use, recycling and waste creation, allowing us to minimise the overall effect the organisation has on the environment.

Insurgo also holds a T11 Certificate for the Repair and Refurbishment of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and an Upper Tier Waste Carrier Licence. We hold OHSAS 18001:2007 accreditation for our demonstrated Health and Safety Management System. This standard ensures we have the correct policies, procedures and controls in place in order to achieve the best possible working conditions and workplace health and safety for our staff, contractors and visitors.

Insurgo Media is a member of the Tape Storage Council, a collaborative industry group dedicated to promoting the current trends, usages and technology innovations occurring within the tape storage industry.

For all things tape media (and beyond), our team would love to hear from you, please get in touch.

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