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We specialise in tape media disposal.

Trusted, reliable and proven.

We remove all trace of data from your used tape media and guarantee that your data is completely unrecoverable.


We work with organisations including...

Our data tape disposal services

  • Media Degaussing

    We can degauss any magnetic media including tape and hard drives. We use CESG approved degaussing devices capable of destroying data fully.

  • Kit

    KIT Tape Eraser Technology

    KIT is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to securely destroy your data on tape media.

  • Media Shredding

    Using downstream partners, we can offer tape shredding. If your tape has been degaussed then shredding your tape media is a secure option for disposal.


We invest in proving our process. Our accreditations include...

BSIA, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001 Find Out More

The other tape media services we offer

  • Tape Media Supply

    Our warehouse contains over 200 different tape technologies ranging from old legacy formats to today's current enterprise systems.

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  • Tape Media Management

    We can offer a total tape management service from asset tracking to sample testing and data recovery.

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  • Professional Services

    Our Professional Services team provide an extra level of support for your project that goes above and beyond the standard requirement.

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