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The Tape Media Experts

From supply to disposal and all that’s in-between, we specialise in the secure and total life cycle management of all things tape media.

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Where data comes to die

When the time comes to dispose of your tapes, with us, you can be sure that ALL traces of data are destroyed, with absolutely no chance of recovery, guaranteed.

Live and let data die

Turn tape green

Keep that plastic in motion and out of the ocean! With a focus on the environment, our eco-friendly supply, life-cycle support and revolutionary disposal solution prolongs the life of tape without compromising on quality.

Reduce your carbon footprint

There is no escape!

Security is paramount at Insurgo. It's the foundation of our entire operation and embedded throughout every process. With our unparalleled facilities, we provide customers with complete confidence in our services.

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Our resource capabilities allow us to supply tape to a diverse customer base, supplying everything from legacy, to open reel and enterprise formats, with over 200 varieties of tape currently in stock.


Supporting your tape through its entire life-cycle, from labelling, to tracking, to testing, maintenance and repair, we provide bespoke solutions to ensure our customers get the very best from their tapes.


Offering total data erasure with our robust tape disposal methods, including our revolutionary solution, KIT, the only process on the market that removes ALL traces of data whilst being eco-friendly.


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Dispose with KIT

100% secure, 100% environmental, 100% traceable

Exclusive to Insurgo Media customers, our K.I.T (Kills Information on Tape) process is the ONLY one of its kind. KIT guarantees ALL data will be removed from your tapes without damaging them, so they can be reinitialised and reused, like new.

The best solution for your security, budget and eco-footprint.

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Our Customers

You may be surprised how many industries rely on tape for data storage. We work with a wide range of companies from a variety of sectors worldwide.

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Our Accreditations

Striving to remain at the top of our game, remaining consistently compliant with a constant quest for continuous improvement

Winners of the Storage Awards 2019

The Storage Awards is an annual event that recognises the achievements within the data storage industry. After scooping 'The One's to Watch at the 2018 awards, Insurgo were the very proud winners of this year's 'Innovation of the Year' for our K.I.T. (Kills Information on Tape) tape media erasure solution.

Having investing heavily in research and development over the past 7 years, after witnessing the pitfalls and risks associated with traditional destruction methods, we created a revolutionary tape media disposal solution, that has been tested and verified to remove ALL traces of readable data from the full length of the tape, not only that, it does so without damaging the servo tracks of the tape, allowing the tape to be reused, making it the most secure and environmentally friendly tape media method on the market and is not patent-pending in over 50 countries worldwide.

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Our Accreditations

Striving to remain at the top of our game, ensuring we always remain compliant and are continuously improving our processes. Click to view each accreditation.

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